The Bemidji, Minnesota area, has a high prevalence of pollens and ragweed. This means your pet may have recurrent skin issues over the course of a lifetime. Bemidji Veterinary Hospital treats the full range of dermatology issues your pet may face, such as:

  • Infections
  • Flea and tick allergies
  • Mange
  • Fungal issues

Our veterinary hospital has the experience, the methods, and the products to bring your pet’s skin back to optimal health and keep it that way. Veterinary dermatology services for your pet include steroid injections, medicated dips, allergy testing, in-house fungal cultures, and specialty shampoos.


Bemidji Animal Hospital treats dog and cat skin allergies, but you can help prevent the problem. Here is a helpful list of ways to keep your home and your pet’s environment allergen-free:

  • Use lemon juice and water to clean windows and mirrors rather than ammonia-based products.
  • You do not need antifungal disinfectants containing chemicals to clean your countertops and other surfaces. Baking soda, salt, a little water, and a sponge can also do the trick.
  • Avoid heavy-duty oven cleaners from a spray can. Baking soda and water made into a paste can be used to coat your oven. Let it sit overnight and wipe it up the next day.
  • Two parts olive oil to one part lemon juice is a good furniture polish. Plus, it’s non-toxic to household pets.
  • Equal parts of vinegar, salt, and flour make an effective metal polish. It’s a safe alternative to ammonia and acid.

Dermatology for Pets in Bemidji, Minnesota

If your pet is exhibiting any of the symptoms above, contact us today at (218) 751‑2753 to schedule an exam for pet dermatology services.

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