Reproductive Services

Pet Reproductive Services at Bemidji Veterinary Hospital

At Bemidji Veterinary Hospital, we want the current generation of pets to be healthy, as well as the next generation.

That’s why we offer a full range of reproductive services, including:

  • Artificial insemination—Samples are collected from a male (sire) to implant into a female (dam). This can be done manually or surgically.
  • In-house vaginal cytology—Examining the cells under a microscope helps us determine which stage of estrus the patient is in and can aid in deciding when is the optimal time to breed.
  • Brucellosis testing—Some breeders require both the males and females to be tested if they want to breed. Brucellosis is a bacterial sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can cause abortion.
  • C-sections—If the female is having difficulties during labor, sometimes a Caesarean section needs to be performed.
  • Milk replacers—If the female is not producing enough milk for her litter, or is unavailable (due to C-section, is ill, is deceased, etc.) we have formula and supplements that can provide the correct type of nutrients to the newborn kittens or puppies.
  • In-house progesterone testing—Monitoring the female’s progesterone levels can help determine the ideal time during the heat cycle for successful breeding.

Contact us for more information when you have questions about the pet reproductive services available at Bemidji Veterinary Hospital.

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