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Medication and Pharmacies: Questions & Answers

April 24th, 2019 by bemidji

When it comes to over-the-counter and prescription medications, you have many choices of where to buy them. Big box stores, human pharmacies, online pharmacies, or your local veterinarian. With many options come many questions, which we can help with.


Ordering from a trusted source is very important. Where are the online pharmacies getting their medication? Are the ingredients correct? Is the dosage accurate? Is it truly that product or a forgery? The Food & Drug Administration holds U.S. companies to a high standard and regulates these products. If the product is not purchased in the U.S., it may not meet FDA guidelines.

How To

A written prescription can be created for you to take to any pharmacy you choose. If you order your pet’s prescription medications online, you can simply place an order for a prescription medication through the website. The online pharmacy should ask you for contact information of your veterinarian. They will then contact us usually via fax for authorization to fill the medication. If everything meets the rules and regulations, the veterinarian signs the authorization and we fax it back. What are the rules?

  • Must have an up to date exam within the past year. For controlled drugs, an exam every 6 months depending on the doctor’s discretion.
  • A doctor at BVH prescribed the medication or a doctor elsewhere has sent us a prescription for the medication.
  • Please allow enough time for your order. Your pet’s doctor may not be in the office to sign the authorization on the exact day you order the medication. It may take a while for the company to ship the meds to you. Plan ahead and don’t let yourself run out.

Cost Difference

There is sometimes a difference between our price and other pharmacies. Large pharmacies purchase product in bulk quantities to get special pricing. Being a small business, we can’t buy that much product all at once. In our pharmacy price breaks are passed on to our customers. We are unable to price match with larger distributors.

Benefits of Buying From Your Vet:

  • The company often extends coupons or deals that are only redeemable through a licensed veterinarian.
  • Some products have satisfaction guarantees and can be returned if not performing up to your expectations.
  • If there is a problem with the medication (side effects, reactions, adverse events, etc) we have the purchase documented in the pet’s medical records. We can help initiate a report to the company. The company will likely cover the cost of the medication and may cover the cost of treatment for any issues caused by the medication.
  • Dosage changes may be needed based on your pet’s response to medications. Our trained veterinary staff can recognize when a change may be necessary by asking for progress reports when you request refills.

Regardless of where you fill your pet’s prescriptions, please be sure to allow sufficient time and pick a pharmacy you trust. The staff at Bemidji Veterinary Hospital would be happy to give you a price quote on the medications we have on hand. Give us a call with any questions.

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