Orthopedic Pet Health Care Services


Your pet’s health begins with healthy bones. They are the infrastructure of your pet’s body, while also pumping nutrients into his or her bloodstream. Bemidji Veterinary Hospital doctors handle a variety of orthopedic pet care issues.

Our doctors and the rest of the team are experienced care providers in orthopedic cases and surgical procedures, including:

  • Fractures repairs
  • Cruciate repairs
  • Luxating patella repair
  • Amputations
  • Femoral head ostectomy

When you bring your pet in with a fracture, we take great care diagnosing the exact type and severity of the fracture. We can then decide which treatment option (casting, splinting, or performing surgery on the affected bone) is best to ensure optimal healing.

Other Orthopedic Issues

Broken bones and amputations are not the only orthopedic need your pet may experience over the course of his or her life. Larger breeds often develop hip dysplasia, and smaller breeds often develop similar issues with their knees.

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition where the hip joint isn’t properly formed, causing the joint to be loose. It is not a dislocation, but it does move around too much. It causes premature wear and tear and can be painful for the pet.

Bemidji Veterinary Hospital has had much success treating and resolving hip dysplasia using femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHO). This procedure involves the removal of the top portion of the femur bone (the head). The remaining bone and joint form a “false joint” of fibrous scar tissue so that the joint is no longer bone on bone.

Floating kneecap, or a luxating patella, is a common issue in smaller dogs. It can happen to them during normal play even if no past trauma had been suffered. The cause of a floating kneecap is when the patella ridges are not deep enough to hold the kneecap in place.

There are different levels of severity for a floating kneecap, and we can treat any one of these. For less severe conditions, sometimes maintaining a pet’s ideal weight and limiting rigorous play is all that’s needed. In extreme cases, surgical procedures may need to be performed.

If your dog or cat is suffering from an orthopedic condition, please don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment. Intervention in the early stages is better for the pet and often easier to treat.