Teaming Up With the University of Minnesota to Help Fight Cancer


Cancer will develop in one out of four dogs during their lifetime. Although cancer is not as common in cats, it is often more aggressive. That’s why Bemidji Veterinary Hospital is a proud partner of the University of Minnesota when it comes to cancer treatment for our patients.

Several types of cancers are common in household pets. They include:

  • Bone cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Skin cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Mammary cancer
  • Oral cancer
  • Various organ cancers

At Bemidji Veterinary Hospital, we diagnose and treat many types of cancer. Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) is one of the common forms. Removing cancer is often achieved via surgery, and limb amputation is a common method. Our veterinary surgeons have done numerous amputations and have the required skill and experience.

The Veterinary Cancer Society recommends that pet owners look for the following symptoms in their animals, as these may be indicators of cancer in dogs and cats:

  • Lumps/growths
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Weight loss
  • Appetite loss
  • Stamina loss
  • Bleeding or discharge
  • Sores that won’t heal
  • Stiffness or lameness

Bemidji Veterinary Hospital provides oncology diagnostics through blood tests, X-rays, lumpectomies, and biopsies. If your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms above, please arrange an appointment as soon as possible.


There is no perfect plan for preventing cancer in your animal. However, you can increase the odds of a cancer-free life for your pet if you keep the following common causes in mind:

  • Breeding—Avoid animals that have been mass bred or have come from puppy mills.
  • Environmental and household toxins—Exposure to chemicals in the air, such as secondhand smoke, and chemicals on the ground, as well as ingestion of preservatives and additives in food, accumulate in your pet’s body. This can increase the risk of cancer.