Professional Dog Training Services

From puppy training to behavior modification, our Professional Dog Trainer, Juliet Flint, is here to help! 

Dog Training Style 

Juliet is a balanced trainer with a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement and least intrusive, minimally aversive techniques for the Bemidji community. She focuses on empowering owners to understand how our dogs learn, why our dogs behave the way they do, and how we can modify behavior using approaches that make sense to dogs and everyday owners alike. Juliet keeps training fun, science-based, and accessible to owners of all skill levels. 

Meet the Dog Trainer, Juliet Flint 

“I have six years of experience training and handling working dogs, three years of which I was apprenticing to train dogs for scent detection. I have been doing foster and rehabilitation work in our community for several years, and I have a passion for working with rescue dogs. I am an APDT and IAABC member, certified in Dog Obedience Basics, I have studied canine cognition and body language through the University of Edinburgh and I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a bad dog.  When I’m not training dogs, I am an avid hiker, reader, hobby taxidermist and bushcraft enthusiast. I collect interesting words the way that some people collect stamps. My pair of working German Shepherds are my pride and joy. I have a background in social work, and I find people almost as fascinating as dogs.”

Schedule an Appointment

Training sessions are one-on-one appointments only, Monday through Wednesday, here at Bemidji Veterinary Hospital.  For questions regarding training or to schedule an appointment with Juliet, please call us at (218) 751‑2753

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