Clients don’t mind telling us when the dog maybe ate a rock, but it’s the more awkward things that take some time to figure out. Underpants, feminine hygiene products, and drugs are common ingestions that can be dangerous and embarrassing to admit. Dogs are most commonly the culprit, but occasionally cats can be as well. I can’t even begin to count how many foreign bodies including coins, golf balls, rocks, under garments, kid’s toys, etc. we have had to surgically remove from the gastrointestinal tract.

Telling us the truth about what your pet may have eaten or been exposed to can save you money, save us time and can even save your pet’s life. Drug toxin symptoms often appear similar to other diseases. Blood work is commonly run to determine a definitive diagnosis. Knowing which drug your pet ingested can sometimes allow us to skip the diagnostics and start the proper treatment faster.

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It’s not our place to judge. Your lifestyle is none of our business; your pet is our business. We won’t turn you in to authorities for illegal substances. We just want to make your pet better and do what’s best for them.

Some may think it’s funny to get a pet drunk or high. Drugs are essentially toxins that are introduced into the body. Pets don’t metabolize drugs the same way we do. They can become seriously ill and even die from an amount that seems small to you.



Help your children understand possible health hazards to pets. Encourage them to pick up their small toys, hair accessories, candy, etc. Often kids are scared to tell the parents what the pet ate, or what they did to the pet, in order to avoid getting into trouble. Let them know if they tell you the truth, they can help their pet feel better faster. For example, a child once put a pony tail holder around a dog’s neck. It wasn’t visible underneath the hair and after time had started to cut into the skin around the neck becoming a painful and infected wound.

Of course, everyone knows accidents happen. Unintentional injuries and toxic ingestions can be treated earlier and more efficiently by disclosing the truth. Give Bemidji Veterinary Hospital a call at 751-2753.