Happy Fourth of July!


Many pets that are fearful of loud noises such as thunder or gun shots are also frightened by the sound of fireworks. Pets often are scared enough to try to escape from their kennels, jump over fences, and even chew through leashes. If you already know your pet is afraid of loud noises, prepare them for the upcoming festivities.

  • Keep pets in a safe and secure area during times when fireworks may be used.
  • In case they do escape:
    • Equip them with collars and tags with their name and your current contact information.
    • Microchip them and keep your contact information up to date with the microchip company.
    • Alert your local animal control and veterinarians.
    • Keep your contact information current at your veterinarian.
  • Use the same calming techniques as during thunderstorms:
    • Medications- Sedatives can be prescribed by your veterinarian to help calm your pet. Different ones are available based on your pet’s medical conditions and history. A once a year physical exam is necessary to refill prescriptions. Often the medications need approximately 30 minutes to take effect.
    • Thundershirt®- A Thundershirt is a vest pets can wear that has a calming effect on them. It applies gentle, constant pressure to certain points on the body. Experts believe this pressure affects the nervous system possibly by releasing hormones like endorphins. Studies have shown that approximately 80% of dogs and cats have shown significant improvement with symptoms of anxiety, fear, and overexcitement
    • thundershirt
  • Distract them: Engage them in an activity or play their favorite game.
  • Behavior Modification: Also called “desensitization” or “counter-conditioning”. Expose them to loud noises in a controlled environment. Start with quieter noises and then gradually work your way to louder ones. Make it a positive experience by praising them or giving them treats when they are being calm and relaxed. There are even special recordings that can be purchased for this specific purpose.

If your pet has a fear of loud noises give us a call at 218-751-2753. Our trained staff can answer your questions and help you decide what might work for your pet.