Going on a trip? Who is going to care for your pet when you’re gone? Leave them in the care of our team at Bemidji Veterinary Hospital.

Bemidji Veterinary Hospital vs. boarding facility

  • Clean- Each kennel is disinfected and cleaned daily and after each pet has left. Additionally, they are regularly scrubbed and sanitized
  • Separate Wards- Boarding pets will not be exposed to sick hospitalized patients; the boarding wards are completely separate from the hospital wards.
  • Veterinary Care- Vaccinations, exams, and procedures can be scheduled during the patients stay saving the client time and avoiding inconvenience.
  • Trained Staff- Each boarding guest is cared for by veterinary professionals. Often we can observe issues that may otherwise be missed or go untreated in the care of another facility.
  • Health Concerns- A veterinary hospital is the best place to stay for diabetics, seniors, or pets with other health concerns. Our trained veterinary staff has the knowledge, experience, and tools to care for pets with special requirements.


  • Spacious- The kennels in the cat boarding ward are very spacious. Each cat has access to multiple compartments.
  • Comfortable- We provide beds for each cat with a litterbox in a separate compartment.
  • Play Time- For cats who choose to participate, we offer individual playtime. One cat at a time (or cats from the same household) is allowed to roam in the cat ward to enjoy toys, a scratching post, and sitting in window sills watching birds visiting the bird feeders. When time allows, our employees enjoy stopping in to visit the cats, often brushing and cuddling with them.

A cat in a boarding kennel


  • Large kennels- Our facility has three different dog boarding wards; small, medium, and large. Each dog stays in the largest kennel available for their size.
  • Fenced in yard- Each dog is leash-walked individually. Our large dog walking area is completely fenced in for extra security.
  • Complimentary bath- We make every effort to give a complimentary bath to each dog (health and temperament permitting) that stays for at least 3 nights.

What should I bring?

For most, you don’t need to bring anything but your pet(s). We provide everything they need for their stay including food, dishes, bedding, and leashes. However, if your pet is on a special diet, we recommend you bring enough for their stay. Changing their food abruptly may cause gastrointestinal upset; we offer an easily digestible food in order to avoid issues. It is best to leave toys at home so they are not lost or damaged. If you do choose to bring a toy, we ask that they are larger than 6 inches in diameter in order to avoid clogging our drain system.


Reservations are not usually necessary except for holidays or big Bemidji area events (Moondance, Dragon Boat Races, hockey tournaments, etc). We encourage you to call ahead, but often times can take drop-ins with no prior notice.

You are always welcome to come in and take a tour of our boarding facilities. Call us at 751-2753 for questions or boarding reservations.